North Carolina State University Genomics Sciences Center Launches Newly Redesigned Website

North Carolina State University is very excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website for our Genomics Sciences Center. Our new site was designed and built by TheeDesign Studio, a full service web design and internet marketing company here in Raleigh, North Carolina. The new site is built on WordPress, a very user-friendly content management system. It allows our team to easily add and update content, image and video. It also allows us to add new pages and blog posts at any time without the help of a developer.

Some of our favorite features on our new website are:

WordPress Website with Custom Design and User Friendly Interface

Our team at the NCSU Genomics Center finds the WordPress platform to be intuitive, making our new site easy to update and manage. Our homepage, functional genomics program information, student resources page, and contact information pages are presented clearly for visitors to our site to find what they are looking for. Aside from the ease of the front end layout, WordPress features a back end that is just as easy and user friendly. Within just one hour of training, TheeDesign Studio taught our team how to update content, post blog entries, upload videos and photos, and manage student resources.

Responsive Web Design for User-Friendly Viewing on Mobile and Tablet Devices

The responsive design feature is one of our new and exciting features we’ve added to our site. Responsive web design allows a site to respond and adapt to devices according to the orientation of our visitor’s screen size and resolution. This means that our site visitors can view our website on various mobile platforms like their smartphones and tablets. This allows easier access for our students, teachers and prospects to our website and resources from anywhere.

Program Application Information for Prospective Students

Our “How to Apply” page allows interested individuals to find all the information they need on applying to the NC State Genomic Sciences Program. Visitors to our site are able to find information related to degree options, application requirements, tuition, and more. The page allows quick and easy access to frequently asked questions if regard to the genomic sciences program.

Onsite Genomic Sciences Center Blog

Our newly designed website features an on-site blog, allowing our NCSU Genomic Sciences staff and students to show off all of their hard work done throughout the program. With this blog, we can provide the Raleigh community with reliable information about the university’s department and programs. Our blog is easy and simple for our team to update and helps position our genomics sciences program as a valuable asset to the North Carolina community for research and education.

We’re very excited about our newly designed site! We invite you to visit and see it for yourself. Don’t forget to check out our blog to see the latest news in our work and research done in our Genomic Sciences program and check out our program information if you are interested in joining our department.

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