Ph.D. Program

As the Functional Genomics program prepares for the next exciting part in our history with the upcoming merger with the Genetics program, we are in the process of updating our core curriculum. If you have questions about the curriculum, please contact Director of Graduate Programs Dr. Spencer Muse ( or Graduate Services Coordinator Tyler DeAtley ( Below is our historical curriculum. If you are interested in the proposed curriculum for the new program, you may see the proposed curriculum here.

Functional Genomics

Course Requirements (total of 72 credits)

  • Genomic Sciences Core (12 credits)
    • ST 590A: Intro. Bioinformatics (3 cr)
    • GN 735: Functional Genomics (3 cr)
    • GN 701: Molecular Genetics or BCH 703 Macromolecular Synthesis and Regulation (3 cr)
    • PP 810: Genomics Journal Club (1 credit, to be taken twice)
    • GN 850: Professionalism and Ethics
  • Functional Genomics Core (60 credits)
    • ST 511: Experimental Statistics I (3 cr)
    • GN 702: Cellular and Developmental Genetics or BCH 705: Molecular Biology of the Cell (3 cr)
    • GN 703: Population & Quantitative Genetics or BCH 701: Macromolecular Structure (3 cr)
    • FG Category I Electives* (6 cr)
    • Electives (3 cr)
    • PP 810: Genomics Journal Club (1 credit, taken two additional times)
    • Research and Electives (40 cr)

* Because of university requirements, FG Category I Electives can not be chosen from ST 590C, CSC 530, ST 512, ST 501, or ST 502. These courses can be used to fill the other elective credit requirements, however.