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Bioinformatics & Statistical Genetics

When the BRC at NC State University was founded in 2000, it was with the understanding that quantitative methods applied to massive datasets are essential to the comprehension of the genomic structure of even the simplest organisms.

The university is located in Raleigh, the heart of one of the leading research areas in the United States. The BRC has developed strong relationships with industrial partners and other academic or government organizations in the Research Triangle Park area.

Recent Publications

  • Curation of chemogenomics data With the rapid accumulation of data in all areas of chemical biology research, scientists rely increasingly on historical chemogenomics data and computational models to guide small-molecule bioactivity screens and chemical probe development. D. Fourches, E. Muratov & A. Tropsha
  • Toxicity testing in the 21st century beyond environmental chemicals. After the publication of the report titled Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century - A Vision and a Strategy, many initiatives started to foster a major paradigm shift for toxicity testing - from apical endpoints in animal-based tests to mechanistic endpoints through delineation of pathways of toxicity (PoT) in human cell based systems. Rovida C., Asakura S., Daneshian M., Hofman-Huether H., Leist M., Meunier L., Reif D., Rossi A., Schmutz M., Valentin J., Zurlo J., Hartung T.
  • A Fast Multiple-Kernel Method With Applications to Detect Gene-Environment Interaction. Kernel machine (KM) models are a powerful tool for exploring associations between sets of genetic variants and complex traits. Marceau R., Lu W., Holloway S., Sale M.M., Worrall B.B., Williams S.R., Hsu F.C., Tzeng J.Y.


David Reif was a member of the Working Group that drew experts from 13 countries to a meeting in Lyon, […]