Welcome to bioinformatics at NC State. Bioinformatics has become mission critical to life science research and education across campus. BRC personnel work collaboratively to develop the theoretical framework to extract knowledge from the burgeoning biological data, and to solve real-world problems in human health, global food security and bioenergy. BRC faculty train students in the Genomic Sciences graduate program, and interact across all Colleges at NC State.

- Dr. David Bird

Graduate Programs

Genomic Sciences Graduate Program

Our approach to genomic sciences is broad, offering degrees in both bioinformatics and functional genomics. As one of the first universities to formally teach genomic sciences, we have developed a well established and respected graduate program. Every year we attract renowned researches from across these fields to speak at our various seminars and lectures.

Coffee TalksCoffee Talks

Coffee Talks is a weekly informal talk given by different faculty members or students throughout the semester. Speakers talk about their current research and then open the room for questions and discussion.

Conference Room SchedulerConference Room

Schedule a Conference Room

The BRC conference room, Ricks Hall 308, is available for the use of center faculty, staff, and students. The room can be reserved by following the above link and selecting a date while using a BRC issued computer.