Bioinformatics Research at NC State

The Bioinformatics Research Center is associated with a range of innovative research programs.

The faculty affiliated with the center is involved in an ever-growing catalogue of projects addressing topics across fields and industries.

bioinformatics research

These topics include:

  • Functuational gene mapping
  • Pedigree analysis
  • Quantification of genetic diversity and structure in natural and domesticated populations
  • Gene interactions
  • Forensic DNA analysis
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Evolutionary genomics
  • Molecular evolutions
  • Protein sequence data interpretation
  • Computational methodologies
  • Microarray data analysis

Pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine variant calling in high throughout genomic technologies

The projects are often completed through collaboration with other organizations within the biotechnical communities. Faculty work closely with other researchers and data generators, including those who are a part of NC State University rich research centers. The BMC has partnered with NC State’s Genomic Sciences Laboratory, the Fungal Genomics Laboratory, the Center for the Biology of Nematode Parasitism, the Forest Biotechnology Group, and the Center for Computational Biology.

The university is located in Raleigh, the heart of one of the leading research areas in the United States. The BRC has developed strong relationships with industrial partners and other academic or government organizations in the Research Triangle Park area.