Course descriptions, dates, and links for the 2016 Summer Short Courses
Computer-aided design of carbon nanotubes with the desired bioactivity and safety profiles
System Toxicological Approaches to Define Flame Retardant Adverse Outcome Pathways
In fruit flies, infection results in increased genetic diversity
EPA awards grant for multi-institution collaboration between the BRC and Texas A&M
DREAMing of smart crowds in toxicity testing
Better, faster, stronger GWAS

Bioinformatics & Statistical Genetics

When the BRC at NC State University was founded in 2000, it was with the understanding that quantitative methods applied to massive datasets are essential to the comprehension of the genomic structure of even the simplest organisms.

The university is located in Raleigh, the heart of one of the leading research areas in the United States. The BRC has developed strong relationships with industrial partners and other academic or government organizations in the Research Triangle Park area.

Recent Publications


When: Wednesday 6/1/16 – Friday 6/17/16 Location: North Carolina State University Talley Student Union 2610 Cates Ave.Raleigh, NC 27606 Talley […]